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Originally from the south of France, I spent many years traveling, working and studying alternative medicine in different parts of the world.

Throughout my travels, I have had the opportunity to discover and be passionate about many holistic philosophies and techniques of energy healing. I finally felt the call to return to my roots, and the desire to practice in this country that is slowly opening up again to the world of the invisible.

"Every man is torn between two needs, the need for the Pirogue, that is to say, of the journey, of the wrenching of oneself, and the need of the Tree, that is to say of the rooting, of identity, and men constantly wander between these two needs by yielding sometimes to one, sometimes to another, until the day when they understand that it is with the Tree that one makes the Canoe."

- Melanesian myth of Vanuatu Island

Experience :

  • Initiation to the different levels of Reiki, up to the level of Reiki Master Teacher by Nicole Lee Coate. Healing. Healing House Cusco.
  • Zen-Shiatsu massage training by Maureen Santucci, specialist in traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, Tai Chi, medicinal plants and Shiatsu.
  • Initiation to the 9 Inca rituals "Munay-Ki" while I was living in the mountains of Cuzco in Peru.
  • Training to master the aura reading technique with Steve Ramael in the spiritual community Piracanga, Brazil.
  • Tarot de Marseilles training by Emilia Paes de Carvalho, expert for more than 30 years in the art of divination in Sao Tome das Letras.
  • Training in Bioenergy by trainer-researchers Stéphane Cardinaux (architect, bioenergetist, geobiologist) and Catherine Martin (medium, healer) and bioenergetic geobiology by Stéphane Cardinaux in Switzerland.
  • Initiation to the Mankind Project - The initiatory adventure of the New Warriors
  • Training in Geobiology with Laurent Gachoud (geobiologist, bioenergetist, director)
  • Formation of the Spirit in Mediumship by Catherine Anae Martin.

Through all these tools I see a way to develop ourselves, to reach the infinitely large by the infinitely small, to understand our true nature and our mission. They are accessible to all and answer our most vital questions, the most complex ones in the simplest way. Thanks to them, we look at our universe with new eyes and we open the doors of our consciousness towards the light and healing. It is an honor to be able to share them with you.

- Victor

Therapies and assessments

Distant healing / Bioenergetic healing / Relaxation

Life Vibration Analyzer / Geobiology  / Sacred Space

Distant healing

The healing session

Work on your different bodies by targeting and clearing current issues using mainly bioenergy and extraperceptions.

  • Karmical scan and clearing
  • Body scan to unseal disturbances and blockages
  • Clearing of blockages and disturbances
  • Rebalancing and harmonization of the body

Duration :
Around 1h30
Price :

Bioenergetic healing

The healing session

Work that aims to heal your physical and emotional pain, release the blockages present in your body, as well as understand its origin to stimulate your self-healing.

  • Bioenergetic balance sheet to understand your current situation
  • Cleaning present charges and karmic memories
  • Awareness of the origin of disturbances
  • Harmonization the physical and subtle bodies

Duration :
Maximum 2 hours, the duration can vary.
Prices :
First time : 70 euros
From second time : 60 euros

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What is bioenergy?

It is an evolutionary healing technique developed by Stéphane Cardinaux and Catherine Anae Martin. Bioenergy enables you to establish an energetic balance of your body, to highlight blockages, pains, imbalances as well as karmic and transgenerational burdens (in other words, troubles inherited from our ancestors, it is by freeing ourselves from the past that we release our future).

The work consist in removing and clean disturbances encountered, and understand their origin in order to solve the problem at its source and avoid any recurrence.

For physical and emotional ailments (aches and pains, old or recent injuries, surgical operations, chronic and punctual illnesses, food intolerances, fears, anxieties, emotional undigested, non beneficial behaviors ...)


The healing

Lying down and relaxed on a massage table, it is a work of liberation and fluidification of emotional charges, rebalancing of the body and vibrational harmonization.

  • Meditation to refocus, relax and ground
  • Relaxation, Harmonization and Rebalancing mostly with Reiki
  • Sound massage with Tibetan bowl and / or crystal tuning fork

Duration : 1 hour /  Price : 60€

What is sonotherapy?

Using the vibrations of the Tibetan bowl and the crystal tuning fork to help release energy knots and help relaxation and harmonization of the body. The sound vibrations reach your cells without the mental filter, facilitating the uncrystallization and the liberation of the blockages, while massaging you agreeably.

What is Reiki ?

Reiki is a healing technique whereby the practitioner channels and transmits energy to the consultant by laying on of hands to activate natural healing processes. It promotes physical, emotional and mental healing, and helps personal development.

Life Vibration Analyzer

The assessment

Assessment of your current situation with the LVA, a quantic machine capable of analyzing your vibratory signature.

  • Analyze your present moment and your potential future
  • Identification of excessive, useless or limiting behaviors
  • Display your transgenerational / karmical memories
  • Chakra, radiation, meridians, organs and aura assessment

Duration :
Around 1h30
Price :

What is the LVA ?

The Life Vibration Analyzer is a machine capable of capturing and analyzing the vibratory signature of a person, a place, an object, a substance ... and visually retranscribing his vibratory balance.

By combining a powerful algorithm of signal analysis and a relevant module of interpretation, based on the human feeling, it offers the possibility to know on the present moment our emotional or mental blockages, our limitations, our needs, our qualities, our radiation, our ancestral memories, the state of our chakras, meridians, organs ...

Articles (in French) about the LVA

Article from the creator, Stépane Cardinaux

Article from Laurent Gachoud


The assessment

Harmonize your apartment, house, business, office, land, therapeutic office or other living places ...

  • Assessment and analysis of each room or ground in the house or workplace (telluric lines, geopathogenic points, electromagnetism, faults, water currents, cosmotelluric chimneys, emotional charges, waveforms, entities)
  • Correction of negative phenomena

Price :
individuals : 80€ / hour
Companies : Quotation on request

What is geobiology?

Sometimes disturbances are not in your physical or energetic body but in the place where you live and work.

Geobiology can unseal the nuisances (physical, geological, electrical, magnetic, electro-magnetic, or otherwise) of your home or of your workplace and correct them. Once the harmful phenomena are fixed, the changes are also perceived by the inhabitants.

A place to live, whether at home or at work, is a vital space where you can normally relax and feel completely serene and safe.

Creation of a sacred space

The creation

Create at your place, in the house or garden, at your workplace, a sacred space to purify and regenerate yourself in the daily life, inspired by the methods of the ancient builders, geobiology and intuition.

  • Study of the current space to determine the ideal location
  • Set up of an energy system corresponding to your needs and to the energy of the place
  • Installation that allows you to purify, regenerate and support you daily

Price :
Set up : 100€


Bioenergy / Reiki / Munay-Ki

Bioenergy workshops

Workshop I: Development of perceptions

The workshop aims to become familiar with the basics of bioenergy, to better understand and interact with the invisible world around us. The workshop combines theory and exercises to put into practice each knowledge and to assimilate the techniques.

  • The vibratory planes and subtle bodies
  • The chakras today
  • Recognize our extrasensory capabilities
  • Harmonization and liberating techniques
  • Develop your perceptions and your extrasensory abilities
  • Discovering different energy phenomena and their influence

Two days of training. Minimum 2 participants.
Price: 160 € / 2 days
For more information, contact me by email or phone.

Workshop II: How to become an actor of healing

The workshop aims to deepen the knowledge of the world of the invisible and learn how to interact with the energies. The workshop combines theory and exercises to put into practice each knowledge and to assimilate the techniques.

  • The 7 subtle bodies and 7 vibratory planes
  • Understand the healing process
  • Energy blockages and disturbances and their releases
  • Approach to karmic / transgenerational cleansing
  • Mediumistic approach and information management
  • Exercises of perceptions and development of extrasensory faculties

Two days of training. Minimum 2 participants, maximum 6 participants.
Price: 160 € / 2 days
For more information, contact me by email or phone.

Custom training

The training includes the teachings of various workshops and exercises adapted according to:

  • Your already acquired knowledge
  • Your intention to work
  • Your professional or personal needs

The personalized training can be done from 1 participant.
It lasts between 1 and 4 days according to your needs.

Example: personalized training for sports coach, for therapists, in lithotherapy, for professional musician, for painter ...

Initiations to Reiki

Reiki - Level I

First initiation. You receive the teachings to open yourself to Reiki, to pass on to yourself and to others (people, animals, plants, minerals, objects ...) and stimulate evolution and healing. Familiarization with the fundamentals and history of Reiki, principles, chakras, aura, methods of use ...

Two days of training. Minimum 2 participants.
Price: 160 € / 2 days
For more information, contact me by email or phone.

Reiki - Level II

Second level of initiation. You learn how to use the first three symbols of Reiki and how to use them remotely on people, to understand better the notions of time and space.

Price : 160€ / 2 days
For more information, contact me by email.

Reiki - Level III

Third and last initiation. You receive the initiation to become a Reiki teacher, you learn how to use all the symbols, how to initiate others.

Two days of training. Minimum 2 participants.
Price: 160 € / 2 days
For more information, contact me by email or phone.

What is Reiki?

Partly used in relaxing treatments, Reiki is an energy healing technique channeled by the Japanese master Mikao Usui through which the therapist transmits energy to the patient by laying on of hands to activate the natural processes of healing.

It promotes physical, emotional and mental healing, and helps personal development.

Initiation to Munkay-Ki

Initiation to Munay-Ki

The Munay-Ki consists of the nine initiation rites of the Shaman Way of the Q'ero nation, the descendants of the Inca people, the natives of the sacred mountains of the Peruvian Andes, according to which someone who accepts its own responsibility in any creation can become a person of wisdom. Munay-Ki sows energy seeds in order to help the evolution of man.

The Munay-Ki makes it possible to connect, among other things, to the roots and the wisdom of the ancients, to the different vibratory worlds through the snake, the puma, the condor and other archetypes, to the spirits of the mountains with the Apus or to Mother Earth Pachamama.

The nine rites

  • Healer's Rite
  • Bands of Power's rite
  • Harmony's rite
  • Seer's rite
  • Rite of the Day keepers
  • Rite of the Wisdom keepers
  • Rite of the Earth keepers
  • Rite of the Star keepers
  • Rite of the creator

Two days of training. Minimum 2 participants.
Price: 160 € / 2 days
For more information, contact me by email or phone.

Awakening Space

The Awakening Space

Space for self-healing and experimentation of vibratory phenomena.

The Oracle of Stones

A stone or crystal card is drawn randomly for you. But as Einstein said, chance is God walking around incognito, so this card is not suggested for no reason.

Due to their vibratory frequency and their structure, the stones and crystals make it possible to support a current personal work, a cure, a change, an evolution. Depending on their composition, shape and color, the stones act on different parts of the body or extracorporeal bodies, behaviors, emotions, and therefore on different issues to work or qualities to support.

If you want a draw with a particular intention or for another person, formulate it and click on "New draw".

Oracle de Pierres

Reconnection to Pachamama

It is an effective way to ground temporary emotional or mental charges by reconnecting to the ground and to intensify the anchoring.

  • Uncross your legs and put your feet on the ground
  • Point the spiral to activate it
  • Let go

The sloth technique

This vibratory drawing is intended to relax and calm the mind, accompany you in a process of letting go and body relaxation..

  • Sit comfortably
  • Point the drawing to activate it
  • Let go